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Dr. Angel J.Sierra Alemán, PhD

Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Professional Consultant and University Professor.

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Dr. Clara Gonzalez Seda, PhD

Partner and Organizational Consultant


Adrielys Nova Molina, BBA

Human Resources Consultant


Gladys Y. Díaz Rivera, MBA

Organizational Development Consultant


Jorge L. Medori Rincón

Executive Assistant & Communications


Maria Rodriguez Vidal

Clinical Psychologist, EDAP Leader

Our Experts

High Caliber Professionals

Linterna, LLC has several professional resources in our network of alliances for a multidisciplinary approach that helps add value to our clients.

Dr. Manuel "Coco" Morales

Professor and Organizational Consultant

Dr. Manuel E. Maldonado

Economist and Project Manager

Lcdo. Victor Rivera Hernández

Labor Lawyer

Prof. Eric Cordero

Organizational Consultant

Psic. Dianelis Sánchez

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Luz Delgado

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ivys D. Albarrán

Industrial Psychologist

Dr. Cristina Rodriguez Rivera

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Adam Rosario

Profesor, Statistician and Researcher

Roberto Molina

Industrial Engineer

Johnathan R. Santiago

IT & CyberSecurity Consultant

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